Traditional Wear - Indian Ethnic Essentials

There was a stage when Indian ethnic outfits weren’t in the forefront of the fashion world, and there were numerous causes for this. But, gradually, and then suddenly, they began to create a presence ubiquitously; and now, dressing the desi way is not so dull or unhipany longer. We have products to beautify us and artistes who have drummed up so many choices that it gets sort of irresistible to pick just one. But, do we discern all there is to know about traditional clothing or the traditional wear staples? We’ve got this.


Thanks to the Bollywood divas, draping sarees is now the ‘in thing’. That said, whatsoever it is that defines you – we want sarees and a lot of them in our cultural wardrobe because nothing is more captivating on a woman than a saree. There are numerous brands of sarees to choose from, and all them beautiful in their own way! So definitely have some sarees in your closet, they always prove to be quit essential. The traditional Sarees have made the awesome difference. These days the ladies and the young girls prefer the traditional clothing. As the traditional Sarees and dresses are majorly famous in Rajasthan and there are so many ladies who prefer to wear and who prefer to move ahead with rajasthani traditional clothing. It is a great part of our Indian traditional wear.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is to desi fashion what rice is to desi food – a fundamental; or, it has developed into one over time. The customary salwar kameez, as the term goes, is a typical combo of a top, bottom, and a dupatta. But, these have taken numerous forms over the times. The ethnic salwar kameez is something the typical Indian woman dresses most of her life in. Designers are doing a fine trade in raising the salwar suits to the next level; you can’t own too many of these.


Kurtas to the contemporary Indian women are the preferred choice of formal dresses. Even when you don’t feel like suiting up for a meeting, garb a block printed kurta and couple it with earrings and pumps – you’ve got yourself a stylish boho look in minutes. For women of all ages, kurtas are what we all fancy because we have grown over the belief that we need a dupatta every time we wear an ethnic dress.

Anarkalis Suit

There was an overall style check for the lengthiest time and we experienced there was no evolution in the ethnic clothes line because Anarkalis took over. They essentially reigned the shop racks before there were other candidates, but, but you can never get over these, and that’s why a part of me will continually look for every time I go shopping. Anarkalis are lengthy and capacious, and the A-line cut starts way above the hips. From cotton to tulle, lace, and zari, Anarkalis will always have a substantial market share, and no one can alter that.