Rajputi Poshak for Women

"Rajputi Poshak" is a stunning and lively dress which is a blend of Mughal and Rajasthani cultural heritage; it is believed that the Mughal's stimulated the women of Rajputana to adopt the "Poshak" as their Royal attire (The attire itself and the way of wearing has remained same from hundreds of years). The richness and diversity of Rajputi culture and heritage is reflected in this amazingly beautiful attire. The dress with wide range of colours and the magnificent Rajasthani Jewellery makes the women wearing it look astonishingly beautiful.

The dress consists of four garments which together sum up as "Poshak"; these are "Kanchali", "Kurti", "Ghagra" and "Odhani". To make you understand what are these and how they are worn here is a quick description, firstly "Kanchali", it is an inner wear with sleeves which covers upper body of a woman. "Kurti" is a sleeveless blouse worn over the "Kanchali"; it covers the upper body of women from neck to waist. "Ghagra" is a pleated skirt like garment worn below "Kurti" which covers the body from waist to feet. And last of the lot is "Odhani" is a long veil which is used to cover head, face and body, this provides world known grace to the "Rajputi Poshak".

When you move around wearing the "Rajputi Poshak" you are gracefully separated from the rest of the people. In India each part of the country has its own variety of apparels which are beautiful in their own ways but "Rajputi Poshak" has a class of its own. People from other sections of society other than Rajputs have started adopting the "Rajputi Poshak" as their festive apparel.

Rajputi Poshak is one of the most popular attire in the tradition of Rajasthan. Almost 80% of Rajasthani women wear the traditional type of attire which is known as the Rajputi Poshak and other ethnic Rajasthani dresses. This traditional garment of Rajasthan is sub divided into two groups; women of Rajput families wear Rajputi Poshaks and women of regular families’ wear Rajasthani dresses comprising of Odhni, Blouse and Ghagras, whereas Rajputi Poshaks Comprises of Odhni, Kurti, Kanchali, and Ghagras. This Rajputi Poshak cover the whole of the women’s body and is considered the Royal Dress of Rajasthan as many Queens and Princessesdonthese.

With a lot of fad and buzz around the globe about western clothing, we are no exception, inuring western clothing and looks into our daily lifestyle. But women have not been able to resist the elegance, allure, splendour and their adoration for traditional wear. It is true that we have enthusiastically accepted western clothing but when it comes to social gatherings, weddings, and festivals, ethnic wear is the first priority for majority of the Indian women. One of the most talked about traditional wear known for its austerity, fabric and intricacy is the Traditional Rajputi Poshak.

Some of the types of Rajputi Poshaks are:

  • Zardosi Poshak
  • Gota Patti Poshak
  • Zari Poshak
  • Kundan Poshak

It is a symbol of Royalty and their rich tradition. It gives the women a beautiful look and grace to women who wear this garment. It is an accepted protocol amongst Rajput women belonging to traditional familiesto follow the ‘parda system’by wearing a‘Ghungat’. Rajputi Poshaks for women comes with varied designs and color and embroidery work. They are available in casual and weddings wear style which is called “Bari”.

Classification of Rajputi Poshaks

Ghagra – A long skirt which goes down till the feet. Cut in short “kalis” to add width and splendor at the bottom, more the “kalis” more the grandness of Ghagra. It is tailored with different fabrics in varieties of color, designs and prints.

Kurti and Kanchali – They cover the women’s upper body.It has two different pieces; kurti is worn over the kanchali. To tailor it according to the measure of the body needs expert tailoring skills.

Odhani – It is a long piece transparent cloth, 2.5 meters in length, made with mild fabric, usually georgette, chiffon and tor. It is a very lightweight fabric. The wearing style of Odhani varies according to communities. Covering the whole body adds a level of modesty and dignity to the women. An augmented look can be given by adding patches, embroidery, and light Zari work. So, if you want to buy best quality Rajputana Poshaks especially for ladies, girls and women then you should visit our website and you can place an order online also. You can select the wide range of different types of dresses at Rajvesh which is currently owned and managed by Mr. Ankit Aggarwal a successful resident of Jaipur who has completed his studies from University of Leeds. So, feel like a royal by wearing Rajputi Poshak in any occasion.