Since the inception of films, Bollywood movies have been setting bridal trends, especially for Rajasthani brides. Whether it’s the elaborate embroidery on outfits with precious stones and pearls, the dazzling multi-layered choker necklaces or the conventional Rajasthani Maang Tikka and Rakhri - the brides of real life look up to the brides of ‘reel-life’ for fashion inspiration.

The Various Shades of Rajasthan
Every wedding season comes forth with new trends and the idea of Rajasthani dresses for weddings gets new vigour. With vivid colours and a wide range of designs and fabrics, every new season we witness outfits that give us that ‘Rajputi’ look, which we know people totally love. Rajasthan is one of the trendiest locations for destination weddings. From Sangeet to Mehndi to Shaadi - brides often choose at least one function where they don Rajasthani dresses. Sometime the theme of the whole wedding is Rajasthani. If you are a Rajput or a Marwari bride, knowing about these Rajasthani dresses for your wedding will help you be a vision to behold. To get the royal Rajput look, women don Rajputi Poshak at their weddings. These outfits hold a lot of significance in the Rajasthani culture.

1. Colour of the outfit
To be a Rajasthani bride, you need to pick the right customary outfit. It’s full of vivid and contrasting colours and usually, brides wear colours which pop out, like red or orange

2. Details to embroidery
The outfit should have heavy and elaborate traditional hand embroideries like Sanjhi and zari by artisans of Rajasthan. Detailed embroidery will make your outfit stand out and you will look striking

3. Jewellery you need
Your Rajasthani outfit is incomplete without the right kind of bridal jewellery. Brides wear a Rakhri and Maang Tikka on their forehead, Timaniyaan as a choker on their neckline, a set of ivory bangles and Bajuband around their arms, Bichhiya on their toes and Bridal Nath made out of precious stones on their nose.

4. Wedding outfit –‘Lehenga Choli’
Majority of Rajasthani brides typically wear a Lehenga Choli designed out of a silk base. The Lehenga is embroidered with coloured semi-precious or precious stones like beads and amber. The lehengas are adorned with traditional motifs and floral patterns as well.

5. Customary Odhni
A Rajasthani wedding outfit is incomplete without an Odhni. Odhni is similar to Dupatta and is worn over the head of the bride. It’s that unique piece of your garment that’ll make your outfit one of a kind. In Rajput & Marwari weddings, Odhni is cherished for generations.