Women Ethnic Wear Market in India

The Indian ethnic wear market has grown rapidly over the past few years with wider acceptance owing to the increase in disposable income and more women joining the workforce. The rising female population and increasing female workforce cites a huge opportunity for players in the industry to tap the increasing demand of the ethnic wear in the country.

Every Indian region's ethnic wear comes in vibrant colors, pattern and designs. Attire like Sari or the salwar-kameez allows to experiment with colors, design, motifs and it is not only restricted to the women's wear, men's wear including the kurta-pajama or sherwani are designed in artistic form. Every variety of attire is a huge market for ethnic wear. Expectedly, companies are scrambling to cash in on a segment that is growing by 15-20% a year.

None can deny the fact that western wear is a favored choice of Indians particularly for working class these days, still when it comes to special occasions like festivals or weddings only ethnic wear has a monopoly. Cashing in on this trend are the retailers and franchisors dealing with ethnic clothes. In the coming few years, the ethnic wear market is expected to reach Rs. 45,000 crore.

Right from local boutiques to established old retailers and regional brands, every ethnic wear retailer is competing for a share of the huge consumer base in a market that is ruled more by design than brand.

Ethnic Women Wear : on the rise

The women’s ethnic sector currently accounts for ahuge 87% of the total ethnic wear market at INR 54,425 crore. It is the development of this segment that will continue to drive the overall segment. The fondness of Indians for traditional clothing has invigorateda lot of brands to enter in the ethnic wear segment. Though majority of the market is still dominated by small players, however, now the big players have also made their presence felt.

Some factors which have driven the growth in this sector are mounting number of working women, fluctuating fashion trends, admiration of designer wear, growing level of information and media publicity giving rise to brand consciousness, majestic weddings and festivals, growth in tourism industry with a lot of foreigners coming to India and last but not the least the readiness to spend due to greater than before disposable incomes. Bearing in mind this growing popularity of the concept lot of popular brands opted for expansion and franchising was the most viable option for the quick expansion.

Franchising : The best expansion tool

Expanding via franchise can be the best method of making a brand global as well as making it fruitful. It can be due to many ways. Franchising decreases capital burden on the brand, it also makes management easier for the franchisor as the stores are owned by franchisees thatare responsible for its management. One chief reason for taking the franchise route is for getting the local expertise in the brand while expansion. These days the wedding dresses are more in demand because of the great mystical season of weddings. People love to buy awesome dresses these days because marriage and party functions at their homes and their relative’s home.

To conclude it can be rightly said that ethic wear embraces a bright future for ambitious as well as emerging and established retailers. Seeing the rising trend of franchising in ethnic fashion industry the future seems very bright for the franchise aspirants.